Waltrop: 4002 The "Beer-Revolution" - Craft beer from Britain and the US
- Tasting and Talk in Easy English -
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The "Beer-Revolution" - Craft beer from Britain and the US
- Tasting and Talk in Easy English -

What do we talk about when we talk about craft beer? The definition can be stretched to include many candidates, but one thing is for sure: With craft beer, the ad campaign does not take precedence over the fluid in the bottle - which makes them different to what we know as 'Fernsehbiere'. Craft beers are normally brewed in small independent breweries, some of which are hardly any bigger in size than a garage. However, big companies have realised how popular craft beer has become and now want to be part of the movement.
The craft beer revolution started on the west coast of the USA in the 1980s. Today, one can find craft beers around the world, with Britain as a stronghold. In Germany, craft beer brewers are mostly based in Berlin and the typical stereotype is that everybody involved in the business wordwide is a tattoed hipster with a beard.
In this talk in easy English, we will learn about the history of the craft beer movement, the various brewing styles - and we will find out if you can be a craft beer brewer even if you don't have a tattoo or a beard. We will sample a few craft beers as well, focussing on beers from the USA and Britain. Maybe we will try one or two German craft beers to find out about similarities and differences.
Markus Weßling has been a VHS Waltrop lecturer for whisky-related topics for some time. However, he also developed an interest in craft beer. He got an insight into craft beer brewing on recent trips to Leeds and London where he also got a chance to talk to some brewers.

Markus Weßling
Freitag, 16.02.2018
18.30 - ca. 21.30 Uhr
Haus der Bildung und Kultur (HBK)
29,- EUR
Beer, Water, Bread etc. included.

Wir empfehlen, an diesem Abend nicht mit einem Pkw an- bzw. abzureisen.
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